Disability Support Services Exam Accommodations

I. Procedures

  1. Read the Exam Accommodations Policies.
  2. Get all information from instructor and fill out the Exam Accommodation Form. Note that the submit button will not work if all fields are not filled.
  3. Disability Support Services (DSS) and the instructor will get a copy of the Exam Accommodation Form you filled out via e-mail. If your instructor does not check his/her mailbox regularly, print out a completed copy, have your instructor sign it, and bring the signed copy to DSS in the Kelley Center.
  4. Once DSS gets a confirmation from the instructor that all fields are accurate, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail.

II. Policies

The Office of Disability Support Services needs at least 7 days advance notice in order to process exam accommodation requests.

Request for Testing Accommodations:
Students are to fill out and return the completed Exam Accommodation Form to the DSS one week in advance of the test. Late submission of an Exam Accommodation Form may result in the re-scheduling of an exam or the loss of accommodations for that exam.

Request for Testing Accommodations - One Week:
Submit the Exam Accommodation Form for exams one week prior to the test date, and two weeks for midterms and finals.

Hours of Operation:
During the regular school year the DSS office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Exams must be completed by 4:00 p.m.

Photo ID Required:
All DSS students must show a picture ID to DSS exam staff when checking in to take an exam. Driver's licenses are acceptable.

Arrive on Time:
The test begins at the time originally requested, regardless of the time a student actually arrives, similar to what would be expected in the classroom. Arrive at least 10 minutes before scheduled start time of exam.

No Show:
A "no show" is anyone arriving 30 minutes or later to the exam. If a student does not show for an exam, the unused test will be returned to the instructor.

Students should call DSS at ext. 2615 if unable to make an exam due to an illness, an emergency, or if taking the exam in class. There is no guarantee that the instructor will permit a make up exam. This policy also applies to lateness due to illness - students unable to take an exam due to illness or emergency should contact their instructor immediately. Students are responsible for coordinating the makeup of any missed exam or quiz with their instructor.

Time Allotted on Examinations:
Students are given the time indicated on the Exam Accommodation Form for completing an exam. The proctor will stop the test at the designated end time. No additional warnings are provided.

Exam Materials:
You are responsible for your personal exam materials. If you forget personal exam materials (i.e. calculator) and you leave before the exam starts to retrieve them, when you return you will only be given the remainder of your allotted time. Cell phones, pagers, and programmable wrist watches must remain outside the testing room, turned off, and placed in a backpack. The test proctor at the start of the exam will inspect all test materials before the student is allowed to begin an exam.

If you are unclear about the exam instructions, stop the exam and seek assistance from an DSS staff member. The DSS staff member will attempt to contact your professor or give you a form to complete explaining the problem or question which will then be returned with the exam.

Restroom Breaks:
You are not permitted to leave the DSS testing area once you have begun your exam (exception is bathroom break within DSS). It is advisable to use the restroom in advance of the start of an exam.

The Following Items are Not Allowed in the Exam Room:

  • Notes/books not permitted by professor/instructor
  • Any communication devices including cell phones and PDAs
  • Coats
  • Book bags
  • Purses
  • Hats/Ball caps

Please note that valuables, including all communication devices (which must be turned off), can be given to the front desk staff to be placed in the cabinet.

Any student observed utilizing any unauthorized resources during an exam will be reported to his/her instructor. Any unauthorized notes and any scrap paper used during the exam will be copied and returned with the exam to the instructor. The student is not permitted to touch/move the camera that is located in the exam room. If the student is caught moving the camera, s/he will be reported to the instructor and may be charged with academic misconduct. A staff member may come into the exam room at any time to perform a random integrity check. Any suspected evidence of cheating will be documented by the exam scheduling coordinator or other full time staff and reported to the appropriate faculty members. Students must also uphold all codes of academic honesty stated in the Fairfield University Student Handbook.

Thank you for taking the time to read the DSS exam accommodation procedures. Your cooperation with the provision of this service is greatly appreciated.

III. Exam Accommodations Form

    Student Information

    First Name:


    Last Name:

    University E-mail:

    Student ID#:




    Course Information

    Course Name:
    (i.e. Composition and Prose Literature)

    Course Number: (i.e. EN 11)




    Instructor Information

    First Name:

    Last Name:

    University E-mail:



    Exam Details

    Exam Date:

    (Please note that this form must be submitted one week before the scheduled exam date.)

    Start Time of Original Exam: :  

    End Time of Original Exam: :  

    (The DSS office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

    If you will be taking the exam at a different time, please specify the date, time, and reason for the change:

    Original Exam Location:
    (i.e. CNS 100)

    What is your time accommodation?

    What are your other accommodations? (Check all that apply)
    use of computer
    others, please specify:


    How will DSS receive the exam?

    How will DSS return the exam?

    Check all that apply to the original exam (not your accommodation):
    Notes allowed
    Open book

    Please enter the characters you see in the image below and then click submit
    (case sensitive):